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So, what's broadband? 

Broadband is not a thing; it's a standard. It means a download speed reaches at least 25 megabits per second and upload speeds reach at least 3 megabits per second.


  • Gold Standard​

  • Consistently provides fastest speeds​

  • Not susceptible to inclement weather or electrical interference

  • Installation tends to be the most expensive 

Fixed Wireless

  • Widely used in rural areas

  • Provides lesser speeds than fiber

  • Less costly than fiber

  • Susceptible to inclement weather and electrical interference 

  • Requires a direct line-of-sight


  • Most extensively available technology

  • Not susceptible to inclement weather or electrical interference 

  • Requires access to networks that might not be available in rural areas 

  • Does not provide the same speeds that fiber offers. 


  • Available virtually everywhere 

  • Highly susceptible to weather-related and electrical interference.

  • Unable to deliver high speeds

  • Typically considered a solution in only the most remote places.  

What's so great about broadband?

Broadband not only allows people to stream TV and movies, stay connected social media, and surf the web; it also allows people to work and learn remotely, use telehealth, access online resources, and lower their carbon footprint by not commuting. 

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